80HP Nước

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Cooling Capacity KW 259,695
Tempreture Độ C 5_25
Power Supply V/ph/Hz 380/3/50
Input Power KW 64,7
Compressor Type Scroll
Compressor Qty Set 1
Compressor Power KW 60,0
Pump Power kw 5,0
Pump Head mm 60×60
Chilled Water Flow m3/h 150-170
Water Tank Volume lít 1200
Pipe Size mm 60×60
Denser cooling water head mm 90×90
Condenser Cooling the water
Air Volume m3/h 47000
Refrigerant R22/R410
Throttle Mode Capillary mode
Protector Overload, anti-freeze, delay, over heat, water flow
Noise Level dB(A) 75
Weight Kg 1600-1800


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